With over a decade of experience in photography, Emily Abay’s work embodies femininity, and a natural flow on sun lit curves that epitomises the sensuality of women. Working mainly as a commercial fashion and advertising photographer, Abay has been seen in such magazines as Vogue and Harpers Bazaar and countless international advertising campaigns. Now she is able to truly expand her creativity without boundaries.

She was once told that photography is just painting with light, and from then on the world became her canvas, with her camera as her brush. She focuses her vision on sexuality in a unique way that is beautiful to women and sends a positive message about self image.

Her love of photography began at a young age – Abay’s mother is a photographer so she spent much of her childhood around photography studios and in dark rooms. As such, her interest evolved naturally.

Growing up with knowledge of analogue photography, gave her an advantage of appreciation of light in a world of the digital age. She anticipates moments of light before it will hit the camera, which ensures little room for error or the need for technical enhancements to enrich the image. Her awareness and ability to foresee a moment has given her a renowned name in the photography industry.